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NLNL Morayfield to Brisbane
Pay It Forward with Community Funding

No Lights No Lycra is about inclusion and equality.

It's about being community focused and accessible.

It is a wonderful non judgemental community and we love that it makes our dancers so happy.

We believe that everyone should have the chance to come and dance in the dark and we also appreciate that sometimes it's not possible for some to come along due to financial constraints.

We started this Community Fund for anyone to donate to so that others can receive a Pay It Forward option to come and dance with us.

Please click the GoFundMe link above if you do wish to find out more details or if you would like donate. (NO pressure) 

It does not matter how much you donate as all donations will be used exclusively for our Pay It Forward Recipients and any donations are gratefully accepted.   

If you or someone you know is needing help with covering the NLNL entry fee, please reach out to us in confidence via email or messenger on any of our Facebook pages. Pay It Forward Dance Passes will be given in the order the requests are received, depending on available money in the fund.

We love that we have such a wonderful dancing community across the 5 venues of Morayfield, North Lakes, North Brisbane, Brisbane and Samford. Our mission is to open our doors for everyone to enjoy the experience of NLNL. Thanks so much.

PLEASE NOTE: This fundraiser will be open indefinitely so there is no timeframe set to donate or to seek assistance.

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