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some words from our wonderful dancers

We would like to Thank each and every dancer who allows us to share their thoughts on what they think about NLNL and what we offer.  Every dancer has a different reason why they come to our dancing and we love that they are varied but similar. Reading what they have to say reminds us exactly why we do what we do.

Thanks a mil - we appreciate you all.  

NLNL is great in that it is a local, affordable and welcoming group. It is for anyone no matter what their ability who loves to dance or move to music without feeling embarrassed in a friendly safe space where they feel included.

Great to be able to dance for fun or to improve physical fitness, or just learn about all sorts of music with an awesome playlist every week. We love NLNL as there is no judgement, a great playlist to dance to, the hosts are nice and always take time to have a conversation with you. NLNL makes us feel very happy and included. We love the music and learn all about lots of new songs. We can listen to them at home and dancing is good for fitness.                                                 

A & K – NLNL Dancers Morayfield

NLNL is a fantastic way for me to start the week. I juggle a couple of stressful work roles as a social worker which takes a lot of mental and emotional energy.  Being able to turn up to dance to whatever fabulous tunes have been prepped in the playlist is an awesome way to get out of my head and move.    

I feel so much better, lighter, and happier with the endorphins of dancing. It reminds me that life is fun. And being in the hall with a bunch of people that are just having fun without judgement of what each other looks like is a great feeling.

The NLNL crew make it absolutely easy as possible, setting up the hall and greeting everyone with a cheery welcome. I am very grateful to be able to go to NLNL in my local community.                                                 

SL – NLNL Dancer Nth Brisbane

I have always loved informal dancing and when I noticed there was going to be a NLNL venue close to me I was very keen to see what it is all about. It only took one session for me to be hooked on the experience of ‘freestyle dancing’ in the semi dark.       

I ride share to the venue with friends, which is social catch up time, as the hour of dancing is definitely not about socialising but a great way to destress your mind through exercise to music and you can make it as physically intense as your body feels comfortable with.

For me it’s one hour of being in my own ‘headspace’ and dancing to the beat of my own drum with great mental and physical health benefits, I would liken the hour to a good pilates or yoga class, bike or run.                      

MF – NLNL Dancer North Lakes/Nth Brisbane

I just wanted to give some feedback on my experience as a regular at NLNL.

Firstly, a huge shout out to the team for creating a welcoming and non-judgemental space for people to come to and dance in the dark. They are a great group of people that you feel very comfortable around and have a laugh with.

There is a wide variety of music that really fires you up to move your body and dance however you want. I have found this to be really helpful in burning calories and keeping me physically fit and limber in my joints. There are other advantages of NLNL, such as it lifting my mood and getting out all the negative emotions and stresses that bottle up inside, just from ‘doing life’.

I would highly recommend this form of exercise to anyone because it’s heaps of fun and you can just be yourself without worrying what anyone else thinks in the darkened hall where we dance. It’s enjoyable for all ages or abilities.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to be yourself in the dance space. One of my favourite things about NLNL is seeing such a variety of people coming along and giving it a try. Thanks so much for having this super event available in our local region on a weekly basis.    AJ – NLNL Dancer Morayfield

I’ve been attending NLNL since May 2022. It has been a great saviour for my wellbeing. It has been extraordinary.

I have found my niche for exercise and I’ve never liked going to the gyms. Dancing is my antidepressant, a place to make me happy. I feel so at ease with dancing there.

I can dance with passion and no-one is there to judge me.

I so look forward to it at the end of the day.

PN – NLNL Dancer Nth Brisbane/North Lakes

I had a strong desire to dance from a young age but sadly I was judged by those around me and over time I lost something so joyful from my life. Fast forward 50 years and I discovered No Lights No Lycra Morayfield. A beautiful community of amazing people where there is no judgement! I am free to express myself through music and the joy of dancing in a safe environment where I can lose my inhibitions and just be myself. There is something magical about dancing in the dark and it is so much fun, so good for my mental and physical health and wellbeing and leaves me with a big smile on my face! I dance like no one is watching up to 3 nights a week now and love it!

Thank you to NLNL Ambassador Teena and the Crew for being so welcoming and supportive.

MG - NLNL Dancer Morayfield/North Lakes/North Brisbane

I have been going to No Lights No Lycra most weeks for months now, sometimes even twice a week. The first time I decided to go I didn’t ask anyone to go with me. I didn’t know what to expect and was a little tentative, especially going on my own, but I’m so glad I pushed myself because now if I don’t go I really miss it. It is so good for my mental health, it releases all my stresses and I get to have heaps of fun at the same time.

I have two major injuries but because I can dance at my own pace, I’m not having someone push me too hard so my physical fitness has also improved. Win Win! Plus everyone is so lovely and welcoming.  If you love dancing or even if you just want to try something new, you should absolutely give this a go. It’s so much fun!!  

JL - Dancer North Brisbane/ North Lakes

Best thing I do, for my mental and physical well-being, is dance in the dark with No Lights, No Lycra Morayfield. 

Each week, I pop along.The lights go out, the music pumps, and we're off! For an hour a week, I have no cares, no worries, just the freedom to dance in the dark. 

Sometimes I pretend I'm a ballerina, sometimes I'm a raver in an ultra-hip nightclub. Sometimes I'm a go-go dancer, and sometimes I am a demented Muppet. It literally doesn't matter how I dance - it's dark! Like, really dark! 

Somehow, an hour flashes by - an hour where I have been exercising my body, and giving my brain a much needed rest. 

Teena, Graeme and Kyra made me feel welcome and at ease from my very first week. They always have time for a chat and a smile, before and after the dancing. Since starting with No Lights, No Lycra, I am calmer and happier, and my physical stamina and general health have improved. I can't say enough good things about No Lights, No Lycra! 

SLK – NLNL Dancer Morayfield

NLNL is one of those moments you look forward to every week. It's the calm in the storm. It's a re-set. It's 1 hour out of the day in which you can be completely yourself, totally free.

There are so few opportunities for people to exercise like this - it's almost sacred! After about 10 minutes you forget about anything and everything outside of dancing. It's exhilarating. Body occupied, mind free. It's meditation for those who can't stand the idea of mediation. I'm not sure what I'd do without it!

TT - dancer NLNL Brisbane 

I wanted to share with you how important NLNL is to my week. To start with I am not a dancer, in fact I actively avoided dancing since I was 8 years old and heading off to my first disco. I was made fun of and my confidence came crashing down.

After the first night at NLNL Brisbane I was hooked. Everyone who attends signs in, so as a female attending by myself, I felt safe. There are no drugs, no alcohol and no phones! This is my opportunity to disconnect from the world for an hour.

We know the benefits of exercise – it gets the endorphins going, you feel better. You even make better choices with food so you don’t undo all your hard work and with persistence and effort you start to see changes.

My GP is so happy I have found something that has improved my physical and mental health that gives me zest.

No Lights No Lycra has absolutely been my saving grace – it is my non-negotiable.

KD – NLNL Dancer Brisbane

I love NLNL! Dancing in the dark on Mondays sets me up for the remainder of the week. Every week when I arrive the team are so welcoming and friendly. Then the lights go off and I enjoy dancing to the playlist expertly curated by Teena that always has a little of everything. There is no judgement or expectation, I dance as much or as little as I want depending on how I feel. 

NLNL is an hour well spent and I would highly recommend it to anyone regardless of fitness level or ability. 

SGW - NLNL Dancer Nth Brisbane & Nth Lakes 

No Lights No Lycra has been an amazing weekly experience for the Autistic client I care for. She gets so excited on a Thursday, knowing that tonight is dancing night. Teena and crew at Northlakes are simply the best.

LN - Carer 

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